Things We Love: The Weekly Roundup

Our inspirations this week are all over the map!  There’s a little something for everyone…

Crocodiles:  These fierce crocs are currently a big design inspiration for us.  (Have you ever noticed that it always looks like they’re giving you a friendly – or hungry – smile?)

VOGUE: What would we do without VOGUE?!

Sharpie: The latest and the greatest Sharpie Pen.  (And Trevor’s latest and greatest obsession.)

Mexico: These colors are so bright and rich – they reflect the fun, vibrant ambiance synonymous with Mexico’s culture.

Until next time!


Friday Inspirations

As you know, we at MIDORI really focus on gathering inspiration in our daily lives to inspire creativity, which is reflected in the Midori brand.  To give all of you an insight to our creative process, we will be posting some of these inspirations on the blog weekly.  We hope you will be able to draw a few inspirations of your own!

Tim Burton at LACMA:  We recently visited the Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA here in LA.  Tim Burton is such a visionary! The exhibit was very impressive and showed his evolution as an illustrator into a film director. His sketches, illustrations and use of color had a big influence on Trevor and Aya for gift wrap designs.

Baba’s Wardrobe: (From Aya) I recently received part of my Baba’s (Japanese nickname for Grandma) vintage wardrobe from the 1960′s and 70′s. It was an evening I will never forget. I spent hours admiring the incredible textiles. The construction, and quality of these garments were incredible, not to mention they were in impeccable condition! The patterns, and use of color were so modern and relevant to today. They have definitely inspired product development. There is something to say wearing the pieces from my Baba’s wardrobe, I feel like it brings me closer to her. She has amazing style, so elegant, feminine, and an appreciation for quality and glamour, yet all the pieces have such ease… I love and will wear every piece. I can only imagine that each piece holds a memory and experience, and I look forward to hearing the stories they will whisper.

Trevor’s Latest:  Cyclops and Lady Silhouette. We are excited to give our loyal readers a sneak preview of some of Trevor’s latest creations – these illustrations reflect our current creative state.

Summer Treats from Midori

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Midori Esprit Ribbon


Now that we’re in Los Angeles, the Midori crew is enjoying the warm California sunshine, sandy beaches and summer treats to the absolute fullest. With July 4th already past us, it’s going to be fall (and the holiday season!) before we know it. As an ode to the last few months of summer, we’ve put together a few of our summer-themed favorites that reflect some of the season’s best attributes.

Nautical-Themed Ribbons

Bright and Sunny Gift Wrap and Ribbons

Candy-Colored Promenade Ribbons

You can check out all of these summer-themed goodies – and more – on our Facebook page and at