Portraits: Van Gogh

We at MIDORI are dreaming up an epic tale of imagery and imagination, indulging in a fascination with the beauty of human nature. In our next lookbook, we will be bringing to life to a series of five artistic portraits embodying the raw emotional depths of a woman – revealing her inner workings and desires through art, photography and ribbon.  Read on for the first portrait…

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MIDORI Bridal Lookbook Inspiration: In the Mood for Love

To prepare for our upcoming MIDORI Bridal lookbook shoot, we are gaining inspiration from some of our favorite things…

A beautifully coordinated film fitting to its title, ” In The Mood For Love,” has recently been on our minds and in our sketchbooks as a major inspiration for this project. Its theme of romance and seduction with a deeply somber tone, compacted with its “Hong Kong in the sixties” feel, sets the mood for the epic story that will be unfolded in our bridal lookbook.

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Around Town: Wake in Fright at the Nuart Theater

There was something eerie and incredibly cool about Friday night’s scene at Nuart Theater in Santa Monica. The “one-weekend-only” happenings such as this that feed our love for the arts in this handsome town. The old-fashioned theater with big, flashing neon lights is tucked away on a busy street, surrounded by gloomy skies and the small, strange crowd here to experience the showing of the re-released version of Wake in Fright, a 1971 Australian thriller film. The suspense was killing us and we savored every minute of it!

Director Tod Kotcheff spun a throwback of thrills for us that definitely re-awakened our tastes for the wonderfully bizarre. Disturbing scenarios and Twilight Zone-esque background music became just the right dosage of “spook” in this cinematic adventure to deem this Halloween-party official!

MIDORI Mission: Photoshoot (Day 1)

So I bet you’re all wondering what we’re up to at the MIDORI headquarters. Can you keep a secret? Ok, ok…neither can we!

Last week, we prepped for and executed another amazing product shoot. With this beautiful, continuously unfolding journey ahead of us, we are so honored to get the chance to work with some extremely creative and devoted individuals. Read on for a peek inside our day…

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Things We Love: A Current Affair Vintage Market

Vintage, vintage! Everywhere you look, vintage! Last weekend, over 30 retailers and private dealers gathered for unique vintage market, A Current Affair, serving its third year in downtown LA’s Cooper Building.

The vendor shops that made up the space all held beautiful, rare pieces that more than likely had been fiercely hunted down and snatched for the taking by savvy collectors who were the proud sellers of such finds.

Belts, handbags, military surplus, gowns, t-shirts and even jewelry were among the list of things that had us enraptured, causing us to circle the market a good two to three times just in case we missed something. Sequins, eccentric details and patterns next to the Gucci’s and Prada’s. And oh! That purple pastel fur! Heaven!

Altogether, a great event. It was really cool how each vendor set up their individual booths that vibed with what they were selling. Some with a “Little House on the Prairie” type of feel; others, hippie patterns draped over stands with framed pictures of Jim Morrison.

A young, stylish vendor shared her story about how she suddenly decided to leave a career of legal work to pursue her passion of collecting vintage items. After working as a paralegal for a number of years, she said to her husband, “Honey! It’s time,” and began selling her treasures in a private studio. It seemed that many of the vendors shared a similar spirit of following their dreams and inspirations – we love it!

It was great to check out the many fashions of every vendor, who all seemed to have a special place in their hearts for timeless style. It’s amazing; the clothing and other items that have managed to survive throughout the years, waiting for their next proud owner to love it, appreciate it, work it and then pass it on for some more love.

After the jump, some of the amazing style that we spotted while we were out!

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Review: Le Double Vie de Veronique

Have you ever felt something internal that was unexplainable? A deep feeling within you that seemed to appear out of nowhere? What if every emotion, circumstance or reoccurring theme in your entire human existence was in direct alignment with another being unknown to you? What if you were connected in such a divine way to someone else whose life mirrored yours?

Upon viewing this melancholic film with its yellow cinematic haze, these are the types of mystical questions that flooded our brains.

Taking a break from the daily grind, we decided to pencil in a movie night and cuddle up with the popcorn, lightly salted, to view La Double Vie de Veronique, a French and Polish film by Polish director, Krzysztof Kieslowski. (Say that three times fast!) La Double Vie de Veronique premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991, winning Irene Jacobs best actress.

A slow-paced and often short-dialogued story about a mysterious connection between two women, Weronika and Veronique. The women have strong resemblance to each other and lead similar lives; however, differ in attitude – one more childlike, the other more mature.   Essentially, polar opposites that are exactly alike.

The film is closely based on Veronique as her life deepens and moods unwrap themselves after being plagued by a feeling of loneliness followed by the sudden death of Weronika, her “Twin Flame”, so to speak.

The overall theme of the film itself was intriguing…the “what if’s.”

Enough with the mellow yellows, we say! Let’s just resuscitate Weronika, cut out the middle man, which, in this case, would be Alexandre. (A puppeteer that develops an intimate relationship with Veronique, and leads her to unveil her “twin’s” existence, which she then discovers was the reason behind her melancholia.) Just let the two women meet, pursue their artistic careers and throw a few passionate love relationships in the mix while living long and healthy. Whew! That’s ideal right?

It’s just trippy that one had to endure a pain that couldn’t be identified, hence our own quickie plot twist of bringing them together like one big happy family! Captain Save A…long lost woman!

But of course, we had no part in this film’s creation, so we settle for the director’s plot. Its drawn-out pace and sometimes operatic scenes with camera shots angling specific perceptions and color tones set the mood for a dramatic and moody film.

But, we’re still wondering, “what if?”

Art Platform LA

Over the weekend, the second edition of Art Platform began its three-day fair, showcasing the best of modern and contemporary at the Barker Hangar near Santa Monica airport. The growth of the event in its second year has become an incredible contribution to the evolving world of art, and we were so inspired by the pieces that were showcased this year.

The venue was smaller than expected and perhaps calling it a “fair” was a bit deceiving, especially based on the amount of amazing art that was on display. There was absolutely no way that our crew could have been the only ones dying to discover the hiding places of other awesome artists. They definitely picked the perfect pieces to grab and amuse you, despite the size of the venue.

Photography, paintings, shaved colored pencils transformed into a sculpture – such a vast field that enables an artist with much freedom to create. Even if there were pieces that were a little “off” to some viewers, they were still extraordinary pieces of art. (…because it’s art!)

It was cool to see children just as enthralled by the art as the adults clutching their hands. We also loved the diversity of the other attendees strolling various dimensions of the enclosed room.

More pictures after the jump!

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