Around Town: Wake in Fright at the Nuart Theater

There was something eerie and incredibly cool about Friday night’s scene at Nuart Theater in Santa Monica. The “one-weekend-only” happenings such as this that feed our love for the arts in this handsome town. The old-fashioned theater with big, flashing neon lights is tucked away on a busy street, surrounded by gloomy skies and the small, strange crowd here to experience the showing of the re-released version of Wake in Fright, a 1971 Australian thriller film. The suspense was killing us and we savored every minute of it!

Director Tod Kotcheff spun a throwback of thrills for us that definitely re-awakened our tastes for the wonderfully bizarre. Disturbing scenarios and Twilight Zone-esque background music became just the right dosage of “spook” in this cinematic adventure to deem this Halloween-party official!

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