The Minds of MIDORI: Ayako

One thing we love about our MIDORI team is that it’s full of creatives working diligently to create the perfect storm of our daily inspiration. We recently sat down with Ayako, the brains behind many of our Pretty Lil’ Things, to get the deets on her work space and days of creating at MIDORI.

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MIDORI Mint Madness!

Like the sights and potent smells of fresh greenery on the bountiful trails of Machu Piccu in the far-away land of Peru, the tint of mint invades our senses by adding a modernistic spin to the color spectrum. Double your pleasure, double your fun: read on for more MIDORI mint madness…

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Thanksgiving Treats from MIDORI

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon looking forward to during the holidays, it’s the invigorating aroma of savory side dishes and sweet desserts made by loving hands in a warm kitchen. While the pumpkin patches of autumn are packing up and shipping out, a few vines stayed behind to sugarcoat our Thanksgiving with a wondrously honeyed pumpkin parfait. Read on for a sweet Thanksgiving treat from MIDORI…

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We’re Obsessed: Stella Jean!

My oh my, how thrilled we were when we peeped Stella Jean‘s 2013 Fall/Winter collection. Pure creative genius! Through kaleidoscope eyes, a multi-cultural stylish blend is witnessed, composed of a “funk” we haven’t yet seen rocked. One look at the radiating patterns and colors (and dashing editorials to match!), and we were hooked.

When we came across Stella Jean’s captivating tribal with a dash of preppy style, we couldn’t help ourselves – we had to take some of our New Arrivals out for a spin by recreating these daring styles. Take a peek at our tinier versions using MIDORI ribbon and Gift Wrap…

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Sweet Scoops in Bridal


In an effort to reward our taste buds for all of their hard work, we shimmied down to Milk on Beverly Boulevard, eager to satisfy our sweet tooth with the dessert shoppe’s much-raved-about frozen delights.  This adventure, as most of our adventures do, reminded us of some of our recent MIDORI creations – in this case, our bridal collections.  Read on for more of our adventure…

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Trending at MIDORI

Our senses are often awakened by an infinite number of things, ranging from fashion spreads to random conversations with friends. These little discoveries spark the illustrative beginnings of our pursuits, including MIDORI’s Trends.

From the workings of our imaginations with artwork originating from our very own creative space, stay posted on what’s trending here at MIDORI…

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Introducing MIDORI’s Holiday Collections

Summer is officially over and the time to set our clocks back into longer nights and earlier mornings has arrived. A transformation of seasons and window-shop displays signal that the holidays are finally here!  Soon, the days of fall will be in our rearview and neighborhoods all over the world will be lit up for Christmas. (And we can finally break into those fancy boots we’ve been dying to wear…)

With these changes upon us, MIDORI is excited to lift the curtain on our holiday-inspired Collections!

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