New Year’s Eve Style


Are you ready to ring in the new year with a bang? We sure are, and we’re going to do it right with some fabulous holiday attire inspired by MIDORI’s New Year’s Eve Collection. With its sleek, animalistic touch and glittery accents, MIDORI’s New Year’s Eve Collection is a touch of affordable luxury to ring in 2013, and the main inspiration for our New Year’s Eve style.

We live by our “affordable luxury” motto when it comes to fashion – we like to call it the “high/low” concept. Rock an eye-catching Topshop dress with a few fanciful embellishments, like a chained ribbon necklace from Marni (or the MIDORI DIY version here), and you will master our beloved high/low concept this NYE. Read on for some of our MIDORI-inspired fashion faves…

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MIDORI’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Part Two

Wow! It has been such a wild and productive year here, and we wanted to be sure it went down in the archives! With the gaiety of merrymaking drawing near and the New Year just around the corner, it is time, our friends, for the finisher. Inspired by the mystical and adventurous spirit of our 2012 lookbook, we present MIDORI’s next six days of Christmas…

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Imagination and Inspiration Behind the Glass

Gloomy skies and wet pavement didn’t stop anyone from shopping outdoors this past weekend…rain or shine, holiday shopping must go on!

While The Grove was swarming with families, we took to the paved streets in our best galoshes to peep the fab holiday window displays. Aside from the gigantic, specially-grown Christmas tree in The Grove’s courtyard, nothing much out of the ordinary was spotted on this damp day.

However; we were filled with joy to see that in hot spots around the world, stores really use this special time of year to deck the halls with a creative extravagance displayed beneath the mistletoe and behind garnished glass. Read on for some holiday inspiration from the best of imaginations…

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MIDORI’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Part One

Around this time of year, we’re no stranger to holiday jingles blasting from every stereo. One we can’t seem to get out of our heads is the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” the classic that lists out the gifts received from a generous suitor. So, we took the chance to put MIDORI’s spin on this popular song while introducing some favorites of ours that are the perfect accent for your holiday gifts!

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Shag Rug DIY

Hello all you DIY-istas, feel like crafting? Cancel dinner reservations because we’re about to get shaggy with it. We’ve dipped our hands in the craft jar and out popped a shag rug made completely from ribbon, an old tee and left over fabric pieces that were found laying around our space.

We were really in the mood to make an eye-catching new accent piece – something funky and comfy between our toes. Naturally, MIDORI’s ulta-soft Herringbone ribbon the perfect choice to this craft calling.

After the jump, our steps for making your very own shag rug.

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We’re Obsessed: Turbans

Holidays? What holidays?  Sorry; we’re currently busy being swept off of our feet with the oh-so-amaze turban craze. Usually wrapped around the heads of men in India, Afghanistan, the Middle East and parts of North Africa, these culture-rich, all-embracing pieces are making a bold statement across the globe.

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The MIDORI Family (Holiday) Tree!

Surely, by now, we’ve all had a chance to settle into our Snuggies (or perhaps the arms of a Cuddle Buddy) and a good novel. Speaking of novel, we were raging to create just that when introduced the new additions to our product team! Read on for a tall tale of MIDORI’s latest Must Have Combos

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