21 Questions – Our Very Own Aya Sumika!

We sat down with Aya Sumika – MIDORI president, new mom, and smooth talking, ribbon & gift wrap slangin’ fashionista – to bombard her with a game of 21 Questions. With bright-eyed baby Misa on her lap and a meeting scheduled shortly after, this busy lady gave us a peek into her brain. It was a pleasure getting carried away…

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Gentleman Style

Residing in Southern Cali, we are guaranteed to be showered with some of the finest weather. Fortunately, our winters are more like cool temps in cut-off shorts and picnics on the beaches of Malibu, so we don’t feel so bad revealing a few of our favorite ready-to-wear looks in menswear for the Spring and Summer of 2013. In fact, we are right on time and ready to wear! Read on for MIDORI’s style picks straight off the runway…

Despite any objections, it’s not always about the ladies. There are some pretty dapper fellas trolling these hallways, allowing us to pick up a thing or two when it comes to closet pickings, and these designers are our picks:

Tom Ford

This Spring/Summer we will witness a spin on the classic tuxedo that is a cool mix of formal and everyday boss wear. Think: Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass with his bad boy, big heart demeanor. This is definitely one of those collections where the man makes the suit while melting hearts along the way. His intriguing color variations are just the POP-factors you need to keep sharp on a daily basis. Baby, you wine fine!

Louis Vuitton

How about prepping for a nice Vacay on the playground of the Hamptons, with the sand beneath our loafers? We’ll spend our days basking in the sun with our pant legs slightly cuffed, checking into our penthouse suite using our smart phones. Always a cherished choice, Louis Vuitton continues to show up and stand out with a refreshing collection in menswear. Looking good and dressing well is something to experiment with without having to take yourself too seriously, which is where we tend to find ourselves enthusiastically fluctuating between. Vivid colors and unpredictable prints tell us that Louis Vuitton really enjoys playing with their color palette season after season.

Marc Jacobs

Ah! A breath of fresh air. A savvy collection brought to us by a very savvy designer who often teases our brains with unusual shapes and a dramatic, yet subtle touch. Ladies love Marc and ladies adore the boys that wear him. A little Inspector Gadget, a little Boy Meets World – we’re pretty pumped about this collection and its versatile styling. So cool!

From man bags to bow ties, we picked up on a common denominator for the upcoming season and that, our dear boys, is to accessorize and be a man about it!

MIDORI Winter Trends

Not only do we spot trends, we also enjoy being a part of the wave that starts them.  Like a designer prepping for the debut of his or her collection, our creative team has been extremely focused on putting together works of art and high fashion that go back in time. With a little polishing and MIDORI’s signature touch, these trends are as good as they were the day they emerged on the trend spotting scene. Catch what’s trending now at MIDORI…

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Braided Beauty

Beauty draws us with a single hair.
-The great Alexander Pope

And just like that, we were drawn in to the braided hairstyles trending the fashion runways and around the world. Braids, like all tried and true traditions, continue to evolve and get better as time carries on. Our first impression of these updated styles was that of a dainty princess preparing to step onto her throne and rule her kingdom as the mighty Queen. Straight royalty! We almost lost it when we spotted a touch of ribbon being woven into the mix. What more could we ask for?! Check out some of our faves…

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MIDORI Movie Hour(s): Django Unchained

As the plot thickens, we are always encouraged to stay in the loop, no matter what may be going on around us. Right now, the critics are in cahoots! With awards season upon us, we’ve been hearing hearing the buzz about this year’s favorites. We took to the streets to see what all the fuss was about and stumbled ever so gracefully upon Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Click through for more of MIDORI’s movie experience…

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Shades of MIDORI Lips

Kick back pucker princesses, you didn’t think we were going to leave you hanging, did you? Ever since we can remember, we’ve been poppin our collars, poppin’ poppin’ our collars and dolling up with all the cosmetics mom had in her make-up bag. We would sit in front of the vanity, staring at our pouts until we were blue in the face! By now, we’ve invested more in ourselves and our own make-up bags to make sure that no matter where or when we step out, we always look superb! (…Or at least halfway decent.) We’ve handpicked not one, not two, but THREE gorgeous shades of MAC lipsticks to accompany MIDORI’s irresistible Lips Gift Wrap that has some poppin’ characteristics of it’s own.

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Flash Art Mob, LA Style

There is never a dull moment in the city of angels that we call home. The MIDORI office is right in the center of the excitement - near to the circus that is Hollywood Blvd., where tourists are entertained by sidewalk characters that never seem sleep.  Read on for our latest adventure…

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