MIDORI = Green Gift Wrap

At MIDORI, keeping tabs on our carbon footprint helps us monitor the effect our passion has on our climate and how to keep it in check. “Going Green” is a passion of ours, and for this particular project, nature sent us a call. We made no hesitation to answer – we just hope our neighbors don’t catch sight of our refined soles imprinted on their well kept gardens!

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Street Art Inspiration

It’s absolutely amazing what you can find when you turn your gaze on your environment and really soak it all in. There are so many sights and wonders right underneath our noses that we often miss because we’re so focused on our focus; hustling and staying in the daily grind. MIDORI stopped to smell the roses, so to speak, and became infatuated by the glamour of street art that surrounds us…

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Miss Androgyny

The black and white perception of gender roles has always been a blur in the fashion world, with the number one rule being that there are no rules when it comes to executing personal style. It’s a riveting pill to swallow to witness women go against the grain and blend masculine and feminine trends together in perfect harmony.

Read on for more of MIDORI’s inspiration in Miss Androgyny style…

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Epic Movie Loves: Aya’s Romance Inspiration

There are so many different ways to express love, to be without it in this world would be unimaginable! From the laugh of a child, to someone holding the door open for you, to the sometimes deep and tragic, to the light hearted and quirky stories of romance on the silver screen, Aya gave us her favorite picks in love story flicks and we give you what we love about them.

Read on for some MIDORI romance inspiration…

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MIDORI Album Review: ASAP Rocky

Once upon a time, hailing from the streets of Harlem, New York, lived a kid with a knack for challenging his peers in rap battles and dressing in attire that was considered out of the norm to most observers.  ASAP Rocky – a new artist on the music scene and a huge influence in the fashion world, has recently invaded our senses and we have been bobbing our heads non-stop ever since.

Click through for a sip of what’s currently brewing and influencing us at MIDORI…

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