The Trouble Twins: Harvey O’Hara and Mad Marvin

With the arrivals of Mad Marvin and Harvey O’Hara, we’ve become a house filled of the most precious kind of horrors. Here’s to a first look into the wonderland of these combos full of color and childlike wonder…more MIDORI madness after the jump!

Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down! As the merry go ’round whirls us into a dizziness of uncontrollable laughter, dressing up our little Harvey O’Hara gave us a similar effect. The bright and springy colors of our Bunnies gift wrap, combined with MIDORI’s Double Faced Satin, create a getup that perfectly expresses Harvey’s curious personality and crazy antics.

Red Rover, Red Rover send Mad Marvin right over! How playful our little runt Maddy, can be; first he is sour and then he is sweet. Sealed tight in our Mushrooms gift wrap and suspended by Double Faced Satin and Promenade ribbon, Mad Marvin smiles innocently at us with his fingers crossed. Marvin, you little rascal!

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