Hello, Sailor!

While MIDORI sets out to master the West Coast tides, prepare to sail away into the deep blue sea this season with a nautical trend that is almost too wavy for words. Read on for more…

Despite the trend of crazy winds and unpredictable rain clouds, we’re highly convinced that the nautical looks of this season are fit to weather any storm.  Join the yacht club of designers who had the opportunity to hook up fashion week with their take on life aquatic. Retro swim suits, tailored stripes, shorts and some fabulous shape-shifting dresses are just a few of the looks that we’ve been pining for on the runways. Take for instance, a few beautiful pieces by Oscar de la Renta and Charlotte Ronson, which are the epitome of Americana chic!

Anchored down and ready to go, MIDORI’s Nautical-inspired ribbon and gift wrap selections are enough to make a Frenchman fall to his knees, although, luckily for him, have the potential to bring him to his feet in one fell swoop. Ascot in Black, Red and Navy all compliment our Nautical Gift Wrap to perfection and make this a journey to remember.

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