Cool Summer Kids Style – Nixie Stardust Collection S/S 13

It’s no wonder that MIDORI has been drawn to such a
compelling line of children’s apparel in London based brand, Nixie. We share a love for otherworldly intrigues, storytelling and childlike imagination…

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Mermaid Water

Not everyone has a taste for plain ‘ol water, but we all
need it, and drinking a big, tall glass of it just got a whole lot better!
Besides the obvious health benefits, there are so many surprisingly yummy fruit
and herbal infusion recipes that can turn your tasteless tap into a
flavor-boosting, stylized and healthy treat.

In the MIDORI office, infused water is known as “Mermaid
Water,” a name created by our very own nutritionista, Taylor. She describes her
drinking experience as “a trip near the ocean,” with mint leaves reminding her
of seaweed, cucumbers as sand dollars and fresh-cut lemon wedges like little
splashes of the sun that nourish and feed her inner goddess.

Get the dibs on the health benefits of sipping natural
with fruit and herb recipes. Temp your taste buds by adding classic water
enhancers like slices of citrus and cucumbers or sprinkling in herbs – the
combinations are endless! Whether you use fresh strawberries and basil,
cucumber and mint, watermelon and lime, these tasty concoctions are sure to
satisfy your H2O needs and quench your summer thirst.

Introducing…MIDORI Vintage Ribbon

Allured by the charm of newfangled trésors, great bundles of vintage joy can be seen basking in the limelight of MIDORI ribbon. Call us old-fashioned, but we love playing up the gifts of decor with new-old favorites, especially when it comes to MIDORI’s fetching Vintage Floral, Nautical and Satin ribbons.

We’re talking “The Great Gatsby” of trimmings, mobbed by a marvel of jubilant strangers all connected by the threads of an immaculate elegance. We could paint the picture for you – complete with a live jazz band and guests in high waisted bikinis sipping cocktail martinis – but, to experience the true beauty of these extravagant selections, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself!