Summer Albums: Jai Paul

There’s a mystery man on the music
scene that has us fired up for summer. One day of office jamming had us all
tuned into a unique hit (“BTSTU”) that kept getting better and quickly became
the blues of the hour…

We searched high and low and found
our elusive mystery man to be none other than Indian-British songwriter and
producer, Jai Paul. What we discovered was an enticing spell cast in tunes such
as “Jasmine” and “Higher Res,” a collab with the
electrifying likes of Big Boi and Little Dragon.

This small collection of energy-raising bass and eccentric
surprises are causing quite the stir in the outside world. The drum and
pop of these single mood enhancers are just enough to hold you over as you
primp for a night out on the town. Maybe dinner on the beach? Bonfires with a
lady love or a Mr. Prince Charming? Whatever fun you get into this summer,
enjoy the feel goods brought by some of MIDORI’s summer anthems.

Listen to what has MIDORI swooning
in sing-a-longs after the jump!

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