Share your Gift Wrapping so MIDORI can gift to you!

In this festive and fabulous time of wrapping presents, we are grateful that you have chosen our Midori Luxury Ribbon and Designer Gift Wrap to be a special part of your giving.

We would love to see your creative wrapping using Midori’s Ribbon and Gift Wrap! Please send us your Gift Wrapping images to The top 5 will receive a Midori gift!

Please title your email “Gift Wrapping images”. Feel free to share more than one image with us.

The images of the top 5 winning presents will be posted online on our blog in January and may be shared on Midori’s social media.

1st Prize – 2 sheet Gift Wrap roll & 5 yards Ribbon roll (approx. value is $30)
2nd Prize – 1 Favor Box Set (25 boxes) & 5 yards Ribbon roll (approx. value is $25)
3rd Prize – 1 sheet Gift Wrap roll & 3 yards Ribbon roll (approx. value is $15)
4th Prize – 3 yards Ribbon roll (approx. value is $10)
5th Prize – 1 yard Ribbon roll (approx. value is $5)

Happy Gift Wrapping and we look forward to viewing your creations!

2 thoughts on “Share your Gift Wrapping so MIDORI can gift to you!

    • Hi Mercedita!

      Thank you for your interest! But unfortunately it’s late now! But we would be happy to see you as a participant in our new upcoming contests. Please feel free to check it periodically!
      But you can always share your gift wrapping using Midori ribbon and gift wrap. Please send it to any time! We would be happy to thank you!

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