Finger Knitting Fun featuring Midori’s Gift Wrap

A ball of yarn has never been so entertaining after reading “Finger Knitting Fun” Check out 28 simple step-by-step DIY projects for Kids, creating wearable handmade accessories, gifts, room decorations and more!

Use Midori’s Designer Gift Wrap to create a cute present for your little one! One of our Midori favorites is our Scooters Gift Wrap in mustard color.

To purchase our Scooters Gift Wrap ($18.75/5 sheets roll) please go to our online store.

Midori’s Handmade Gift Wrapis hand screen-printed with eco-friendly inks, including rich metallic notes and made from 100% recycled cotton. So it can be sewn and ironed for any DIY project!

“Finger Knitting Fun” has been written by DIY expert Vickie Howell. You can buy it online at Amazon.

Be inspired with Midori’s Ribbon and Gift Wrap!

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