Personalize your Ribbon for a Special Event!

Did you know that Midori offers a Custom Printing service? You can save the date and or personalize your Ribbon!

Express yourself in 5 easy steps at

1. Go to to place your order or please fax or email your order to Midori’s Customer Care team at 323.900.0425 or

2. Select your ribbon line and ribbon width:
Custom Printing is available on Double Faced Satin (3/5”, 5/8”, 1”),
Rayon Trimming (9/16”) and Herringbone (3/8”, ½”, 5/8”).

3. Select your ribbon color.
Choose from Midori’s wide array of rich, beautiful Ribbon colors to coordinate with any special event.

4. Select a Midori symbol or saying, or provide your own art.
Midori offers a variety of Symbols and Sayings for all occasions. If you would like a completely customized look, we can also print your logo or artwork with your choice of ribbon and ink color.

5. Select your symbol or saying ink color.
Choose your ink color from Midori’s vibrant options, or consult with a Midori specialist for color recommendations. Please note: one ink color per ribbon.

See our Customers’ artworks below and get inspired to create your own!

Thank you Katie Mcshan, Barbara Algire, AMG Design, Harney & Sons and Wilkinson Rhodes for using Midori’s Custom Printing service!

Click here to get started!

For any questions or support needed to customize your ribbon please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-569-3049 option 1 or

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