Midori Luxury Ribbons Featured in California Apparel News.

Midori Ribbons featured in California Apparel News!

Our one of a kind, authentic Blue Vintage Floral Ribbon is sold by the yard and can be seen below (#5) in “The Blues”

Midori’s Gold Lumiere Ribbon is featured in the “All that Glitters” category and can be seen below (#16). Add a dash of sparkle to your festivities! Lumiere comes on a 3 yard spool – $9

Midori’s Lavender Vintage Floral Ribbon and Amaranth Aztec Ribbon has been featured in “the Pink” category (#7 & #8). Our Classic Vintage Ribbon is sold by the yard and our Jacquard Aztec Ribbon features a variegated design reflecting the intricately, chiseled Aztec pyramids. 3 yard spool – $15.

Bone Scalloped Trim Ribbon has been featured in the “Nature Made” category (#4). To remind us of our childhood and all that is sweet, Scalloped Trim Ribbon will take you on an enchanted journey. 3 yard spool – $10.

For more inspiring Ribbons and Trims, please visit us online for your next apparel project!
Midori Ribbon and Gift Wrap.

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