Introducing…MIDORI Vintage Ribbon

Allured by the charm of newfangled trésors, great bundles of vintage joy can be seen basking in the limelight of MIDORI ribbon. Call us old-fashioned, but we love playing up the gifts of decor with new-old favorites, especially when it comes to MIDORI’s fetching Vintage Floral, Nautical and Satin ribbons.

We’re talking “The Great Gatsby” of trimmings, mobbed by a marvel of jubilant strangers all connected by the threads of an immaculate elegance. We could paint the picture for you – complete with a live jazz band and guests in high waisted bikinis sipping cocktail martinis – but, to experience the true beauty of these extravagant selections, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself!

Trending at MIDORI

Our senses are often awakened by an infinite number of things, ranging from fashion spreads to random conversations with friends. These little discoveries spark the illustrative beginnings of our pursuits, including MIDORI’s Trends.

From the workings of our imaginations with artwork originating from our very own creative space, stay posted on what’s trending here at MIDORI…

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Introducing MIDORI’s Holiday Collections

Summer is officially over and the time to set our clocks back into longer nights and earlier mornings has arrived. A transformation of seasons and window-shop displays signal that the holidays are finally here!  Soon, the days of fall will be in our rearview and neighborhoods all over the world will be lit up for Christmas. (And we can finally break into those fancy boots we’ve been dying to wear…)

With these changes upon us, MIDORI is excited to lift the curtain on our holiday-inspired Collections!

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Portraits: Van Gogh

We at MIDORI are dreaming up an epic tale of imagery and imagination, indulging in a fascination with the beauty of human nature. In our next lookbook, we will be bringing to life to a series of five artistic portraits embodying the raw emotional depths of a woman – revealing her inner workings and desires through art, photography and ribbon.  Read on for the first portrait…

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