Dream on, Dreamers!

Life is but a wayward dream, containing countless surprises with every waking breath. Filled with theatricals and the twists and turns of a jaw-dropping film, the award goes to all of us for playing such phenomenal roles in this big production of chance and opportunities. Relax into the unknown as MIDORI drifts into the esoteric field of ancient beliefs, unveiling the wonder of the dream catcher and it’s magic.

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Shag Rug DIY

Hello all you DIY-istas, feel like crafting? Cancel dinner reservations because we’re about to get shaggy with it. We’ve dipped our hands in the craft jar and out popped a shag rug made completely from ribbon, an old tee and left over fabric pieces that were found laying around our space.

We were really in the mood to make an eye-catching new accent piece – something funky and comfy between our toes. Naturally, MIDORI’s ulta-soft Herringbone ribbon the perfect choice to this craft calling.

After the jump, our steps for making your very own shag rug.

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