MIDORI Trend Report: Global Chic

Fiercely graphic. Fiercely bold.Fiercly chic.

Brightly coloured, attitude-filled geometric shapes are rulling
the streets of Los Angeles this summer and we’re loving every moment of it. These
gorgeous and exotic prints are definitely bringing in the heat at the MIDORI

Join in on the trend..go global this summer!

Thanksgiving Treats from MIDORI

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon looking forward to during the holidays, it’s the invigorating aroma of savory side dishes and sweet desserts made by loving hands in a warm kitchen. While the pumpkin patches of autumn are packing up and shipping out, a few vines stayed behind to sugarcoat our Thanksgiving with a wondrously honeyed pumpkin parfait. Read on for a sweet Thanksgiving treat from MIDORI…

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Around Town: Wake in Fright at the Nuart Theater

There was something eerie and incredibly cool about Friday night’s scene at Nuart Theater in Santa Monica. The “one-weekend-only” happenings such as this that feed our love for the arts in this handsome town. The old-fashioned theater with big, flashing neon lights is tucked away on a busy street, surrounded by gloomy skies and the small, strange crowd here to experience the showing of the re-released version of Wake in Fright, a 1971 Australian thriller film. The suspense was killing us and we savored every minute of it!

Director Tod Kotcheff spun a throwback of thrills for us that definitely re-awakened our tastes for the wonderfully bizarre. Disturbing scenarios and Twilight Zone-esque background music became just the right dosage of “spook” in this cinematic adventure to deem this Halloween-party official!