Introducing…MIDORI Vintage Ribbon

Allured by the charm of newfangled trésors, great bundles of vintage joy can be seen basking in the limelight of MIDORI ribbon. Call us old-fashioned, but we love playing up the gifts of decor with new-old favorites, especially when it comes to MIDORI’s fetching Vintage Floral, Nautical and Satin ribbons.

We’re talking “The Great Gatsby” of trimmings, mobbed by a marvel of jubilant strangers all connected by the threads of an immaculate elegance. We could paint the picture for you – complete with a live jazz band and guests in high waisted bikinis sipping cocktail martinis – but, to experience the true beauty of these extravagant selections, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself!

A Look Back: The MIDORI Lookbooks

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years, and we’re standing in a such a different place than when we first started the journey with MIDORI Inc. We are so appreciative of the love and support, and wish to take this opportunity to relive the journey through the pages of our lookbooks.

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Spring time, Tea time!

Due to Mr. Sun’s steady shine upon us, the time has come for us to now blow the dust off our little black book of contacts. So, won’t you please come away with us for a gathering of afternoon frills and itty bitty bites? Click through for a little MIDORI springtime/teatime inspiration!

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Dream on, Dreamers!

Life is but a wayward dream, containing countless surprises with every waking breath. Filled with theatricals and the twists and turns of a jaw-dropping film, the award goes to all of us for playing such phenomenal roles in this big production of chance and opportunities. Relax into the unknown as MIDORI drifts into the esoteric field of ancient beliefs, unveiling the wonder of the dream catcher and it’s magic.

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MIDORI = Green Gift Wrap

At MIDORI, keeping tabs on our carbon footprint helps us monitor the effect our passion has on our climate and how to keep it in check. “Going Green” is a passion of ours, and for this particular project, nature sent us a call. We made no hesitation to answer – we just hope our neighbors don’t catch sight of our refined soles imprinted on their well kept gardens!

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